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vegan sushi


- Sushi Rice

- Sushi Vinegar

- Avocado

- Shitake-Mushrooms

- Nori-Sheet

- Mayoneur Wasabi Mayo


  1. Cook the Sushi Rice according to packaging, make sure to add Sushi vinegar.

  2. Cook the ride off to room temperature

  3. Meanwhile, cut your fillings. We use Avocado and Shitake-mushrooms, but you can put what every you want in your Vegan Sushi!

  4. Place the nori-sheet on your rolling mat.

  5. Cover the whole sheet with Sushi Rice.

  6. Add you filling in a strip across the sushi rice.

  7. Rolling time! Make sure to roll as thigh as possible.

  8. Enjoy with our Wasabi Mayo!



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